Our Story

GreenGene was born out of a determination to contribute to climate change from a technical direction. In an effort to increase carbon capture in plants, Dr. Jin-Soo Kim's research overcame the limitations of CRISPR/CAS and he discovered a method to edit genes within organelles, something previously thought to be impossible. This opened up a whole universe of possibilities, allowing GreenGene to build up a formidable gene editing library upon the GreenGene chloroplast gene editing platform. The GREENedit™ platform allows for the creation of gene edited plants that are non-GMO, and can be optimised for a vast number of traits, such as carbon capture, nutrient density, yield efficiency, and more. In less than a year, GreenGene secured $1.5 million in pre-seed funding to accelerate research and time to market for the GREENedit™ platform. 

Our Leadership

We are dedicated to creating exciting innovations and opportunities for the fight against climate change. Our entire team firmly believes that powerful ideas can change the world.

Jungeun Joanna Lee, Ph.D. 


Jungeun immediately saw the vast potential of the GREENedit™ platform and partnered with Jin-Soo to realise Greengene's vision. Since graduating from Seoul National University with a Ph.D. in Biology, Jungeun was responsible for the Searches Team at Yahoo Korea and the Global Small Cars program at General Motors. She then served as Head of IR & Regulatory Compliance at BoditechMed and Head of Marketing and Sales at SugenTech before taking the helm at GreenGene.

Jin-Soo Kim, Ph.D. 

CTO & Founder

Jin-Soo is a chemist-turned-biologist and entrepreneur. After graduating  from Seoul National University in 1989 with a Ph.D. in chemistry, he co-founded ToolGen, Inc, a biotechnology company specialising in genome editing and gene regulation. ToolGen was listed on the KOSDAQ in 2021. After serving as CEO and CSO for ToolGen, he served as the Director of the Center for Genome Engineering at IBS before founding GreenGene, Inc. As the Founder, he steers the scientific and technical research that is the driving force at GreenGene.

SungHyun Hong, Ph.D. 


SungHyun graduated POSTECH with a Ph.D. in Biology in 2008 and completed his Reserach Fellowship at Dartmouth. He researched aging in plants at IBS as a senior researcher before leading the research team at the Center for Genome Engineering at IBS. He currently leads the technical research team at GreenGene, developing model plants for the GREENedit™ platform.

Yoonsoo Park 


Yoonsoo previously served as CEO of Gigalane. His extensive experience accumulated during his time as CFO for KoMiCo, K Shipbuilding (formerly STX Shipbuilding), and HSD Engine (formerly Doosan Engine) ensures that Greengene has the talent, information and capital to efficiently become the world leader in organelle editing.

Our Partners

Powerful breakthroughs come from strong partnerships. At GreenGene, our Partners bring a wealth of experience and insight — as well as a shared vision for how GreenGene's technology can improve agriculture and our world.

Advisory Board

Ji Woong Park

D'LIGHT Law Group

Youn-Sung Kim, Ph.D.

Biotechnology Research Institute

Yong Ha Kim

D'LIGHT Law Group