Unrivalled Gene Editing Technology
Unrivalled Gene Editing Technology

GREENedit™ Platform

The GREENedit™ platform is both a world first and world exclusive technology that enables targeted gene editing in chloroplasts. With extremely high rates of transcription and homoplasmy, the GreenGene platform can accurately and efficiently develop flexible plant models that can be utilised in countless ways. 

Revolutionary Innovation

Coding for construct design is at the core of our GREENedit™ platform. The platform allows for the design of vectors that can target specific target sequences with specific nucleotide binding domains, while eliminating unwanted editing.

Exhaustive Validation

In order to ensure that our T2 plants are completely free of transgenes, we insist on exhaustive validation processes that focus on achieving high transcription rates and homoplasmy. 

Intensive Trailblazing

Through dedicated, intensive research, we are forging a new path for transgene-free T0 plants via protoplast regeneration.

Industry Leading Research - Recent Publications

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Targeted A-to-G base editing of chloroplast DNA in plants. Mok YG, Hong SH, Bae SJ, Cho SI, Kim JS.  Nat Plants. 8, 1378–1384 (2022)

Targeted A-to-G base editing in human mitochondrial DNA with programmable deaminases. Cho SI, Lee S, Mok YG, Lim K, Lee J, Lee JM, Chung E, Kim JS. Cell. 185, 1764-1776 (2022)

Base editing in human cells with monomeric DddA-TALE fusion deaminases. Mok YG, Lee JM, ChungE, Lee J, Lim K, Cho SI, Kim JS. Nat Commun. 13, 4038 (2022)

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